Hey there stranger!

We are a game dev hobbyist duo. Since 2012 we tinker our projects and take part in various gamejams.

It's so nice to see you on our tiny piece of web! Feel free to reach us out, we would love to talk! :)

Yours Sincerely,

Our Games

Dashy Smash

Face smashing jetpack runner arcade in retro style

Jolly Pet

Simple yet beautiful game for your beloved pet

Seven: Drinking Game

The best party starter

Commercial Projects

Fridge Party

Feed the hungry cats with whatever you find in households' fridges

Flying With Icarus

Greek mythology flavoured arcade for kids

Game Jams & Hackathons

Laugh'Em Out

The ultimate stand-up comedy simulator.
Be fun or be canceled.

Trashville Incident

Slice up your monster and kick all the orcs away

The Last Pals

Wisely gather your company and beat an opponent

Tools and Libraries

GDX Texture Packer

Packs and manages texture atlases for libGDX game framework


libGDX post-processing visual effects library

GDX Basis Universal

Basis Universal supercompressed GPU textures for libGDX game framework.